Moi & Toi why Carouge

Why Moi & Toi is a Carouge?

Farther away, in the Eaux-Vives, Quartier des Bains, and Carouge districts you will discover exciting shops of fancy products, contemporary art galleries and craftsmen workshop.
Carouge was always a place of high creativity. in 1790, the city counted more than 450 professionals specializing in about thirty trades: blacksmith, edge toolmakers, and dragger of sand, wood-carvers, coopers, linen maids, and laundress….. Today, if the line maids and the laundress put away their irons, other craftsmen make living in a city, They are bookbinder-restored, glass blowers, weavers, clock and watchmakers. The shopping experience starts on Rue Saint Joseph (where Moi&Toi is located, from there you can walk down to Place du Marchè exploring the adjacent streets. You will find a succession of lovely independent shops including antique dealers, cloth store and boutique filled with trinkets and knickknacks. Carouge will surprise you with with the number and especially the high degree of quality and creativity of its artisan-watch-makers, like Louis Cottier, this Carougeois born in 1894 who invented the universal time. Through art galleries and artists, the antique dealers have also captured the heart of Carouge. From engravings in porcelain to carpets, painting, jewelery, or objects even more unusual, Carouge has a rich past and offers many temptations. Among them, chocolate is certainly the sweetest one. Several varieties of chocolate,a well know weakness, are available in enjoyable stages throughout the Sardinian town. the imagination of the master makers is limitless: pralines or truffles, “cru sauvage” chocolate, small edible figurines, or even the incredible “poubelles” (trash cans), which are the heritage od an old joke. In Carouge, you certainly will go through an emotional journey of discovery in a stroll that will charm everyone.
One can experience the Al Mercato Epicerie, an amazing grocery shop or the Annick Zufferey gallery that creates exceptional contemporary jewelry collections.
In November, Carouge offers also an unexpected shopping during its vintage week-end: vintage clothes, retro furniture, vintage deco, industrial antiques, retro accessories, and many more for a week end of exceptional purchasing.


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