Au Jour le Jour Kids collection

Original, fresh, transversal and ultra-refined. The signature brand’s creativity pairs fabrics and colour with an extremely recognisable balance, characterised by illustrations and animal prints that form the unmistakable habitat au jour le jour. Exclusive materials; baby and pastel hues mixed with vibrant, bright colours; materials and colours come together for a sophisticated and ultra-modern spirit; high definition jewel decorations and embroideries. Every collection is entirely produced in Italy, because the quality of Made in Italy is not a detail but a style statement, which stands for excellence and uniqueness. From the overcoats to the clothes, from the suits to the knitwear, from the eyewear to sneakers, each wardrobe’s garment reflects an aesthetic which enjoys telling a new, captivating story every time. Mainly inspired by real people and their everyday lives, their personal, free and spontaneous expression, like the cheerful and glamorous image of the au jour le jour creations.

A passionate and resourceful meeting between two designers. An intuition turned into a philosophy of style and business management. A new interpretation of the contemporary look that sealed the creation of the brand au jour le jour in 2010, including both the femme and garçon lines. Mirko Fontana e Diego Marquez combine transversal, yet at the same time complementary life paths, unveiling a winning blend of backgrounds and skills that confer a unique value to the brand, as they express their particular vision of elegance: versatile and ironic, cultured and sophisticated, every day. Today, together they run their all-Italian project, which is making its way across the world through celebrities and fashion icons, but, above all, through a selected network of the most prestigious boutiques and department stores in the international fashion and luxury scene.

Au Jour le jour collection was introduce in our Geneva and Ibiza store last 2016 summer collection. Actually is available at affordable prices  in our Carrara store and online; shop now.