Cagdas Sari for Moi&Toi

Cagdas Sari Art Montecarlo

Moi&Toi is delighted to introduce Cagdas Sari for Moi&Toi, a brand new series of Carrara marble artworks created by the Turkish artist Cagdas Sari.
Moi&Toi is an innovative concept store which spaces from fashion to design, from art to trends and it is strongly embedded within each place where it operates.
After the successful opening of the stores in Carouge, Geneva and in Ibiza in 2014, Moi&Toi in 2016 launched a store in Carrara, the most renewed area for extracting and processing the refined white marble.
Moi&Toi manages to blend with the local tradition and communities of each places where it sets by creating collaborations with local artists, designers and multiple active agents on field.

Design and art are perfectly combined together in the concept of Moi&Toi, where artistic features really round out the functionality of the objects.

The idea of collaborating with Cagdas Sari comes from the desire to help supporting a young artist working with Carrara marble.
The artist was born in Ankara (Turkey) in 1980, where he was living and working as sculptor for many years. His passion and commitment to arts and especially to the art of carving marble, took him to move to Carrara in 2009 where he went on sculpting and realizing arts installation also using other fine materials.

Through the collection Cagdas for Moi&Toi, the artist exploits marble at its best, by prising its aesthetic qualities and its functionality at the same time. The collection unfolds in 4 pieces:
bowls, plates and glasses become refined arts object while keeping their everyday purpose.
Cagdas Sari’s artistic experience within sculpture opens up new perspectives through these objects.

The collection will be launched within the collaboration of Arabeschi di Latte in occasion of ArtMontecarlo.

Cagdas Sari for Moi&Toi will be purchasable online at the website and in each Moi&Toi stores.