Emilio Pucci Junior collection

Freshness and joie de vivre: words from Pucci’s vocabulary become the woven thread that crosses the two realities of Emilio Pucci’s junior world, a collection as universal as today’s lifestyle, for girls and newborns.

Fabric taken from mother’s wardrobe are paired with other soft, comfortable fabrics like fleece, jersey, poplin and Punto Milano, all the way to gorgeous embroideries, precious georgettes, ottoman and satin, destined for elegant pieces to be worn to special occasions.

The “mimi.me” effects is also inspired by the women’s collections, paired with six solid colors: white is frequently used along with yellow pink, fuchsia, mauve and black. Thus prints like Leblon, with its waves, Libellulam with its multicolored wings, the small-stylized flowers of Verbania and the kaleidoscope of Arenal combine all the colors of the rainbow.

Dressed and separates, always lead us back to the world of Pucci.

For newborn, prints are toned down for the little outfits, while small touches embellish hats, bibs, sleep sacks and  blankets, all in soft fabrics.

A beach moment features a series of one-piece and two-piece swimsuits in Libellula print, alternating the full range of sky blues with colors like yellow and black.

A touch of accessories – bags, hairbands, printed ballerina, sandals and sneakers with delicate trim and large colorful bows – completed a story that debuts with a  smile.