FW2017 Fashion Show

The Alpemare Beach resort in Forte dei Marmi it was the location of our FW 2018 Fashion Show. During the event we introduced new collection by Lanvin, Simonetta, Numeroventuno and Vivetta.

But, what is it a Fashion Show?

Fashion scholars have penned histories of the high heel, the corset, and the little black dress, but no one has yet written a definitive history of the fashion show. The omission is curious: The fashion show is not only the promotional linchpin of a multibillion-dollar industry, it was also central to the development of the American department store—and thus to the rise of American consumer culture. The problem may be that the fashion show, like any performative enterprise, is by nature ephemeral. Or perhaps it’s that the fashion crowd, always in pursuit of the next thing, lacks the archival impulse: Why hash over yesterday’s clothes? Whatever the reason, as Valerie Steele, chief curator and director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, said: “The topic of fashion shows remains to find its historian.