Loris Cecchini at moi&toi Creative Lab

“The diagrammatic or abstract machine does not function to represent, even something real, but rather constructs a real that is yet to come, a new type of reality.” (p.142)
G. Deleuze and F. Guattari, Thousand Plateaus

I must be seeing things – Green is the title of the project by Loris Cecchini, consisting of a wide range of watercolors on paper of various sizes, in which naturalism and abstract design / diagram float in the delicate transparent space of the PETG wrapper that contains them ; the fluid and light aspect of the thermoformed plastic material by the artist interacts with the corporeity of the paper and the color of the drawings projecting reflections and shadows of “absent” objects onto the surface, concrete spatial volumes obtained from the imprints of various metal modules that make up its other sculptures (two of which are on display) and which interact with the mental and design dimensions of the design.
Cecchini chooses to show a sort of “double overlapping idea”, in which the traditional technique of graphite and watercolor drawing is reinterpreted thanks to the encapsulated vacuum that contains them, a form of packaging that has lost its industrial connotations to make itself casing and projection on the drawing.
The set superimposes the pictorial peculiarity of the watercolor, in its suspension on the paper made of stratifications, glazes, tone slips, to the pencil drawing that at the same time traces mental trajectories, maps and abstract machines, sort of functional model that establishes dynamics and relationships on the same level of consistency, in which the distinction between content and expression is lost, between the semantic relationship and the interpretative element.

Nature is considered by Loris Cecchini in her constant transience of structural and metaphysical becoming: the other two works on show (Waterbones 2018 and Sinapsis Paradigms and Micrologies, 2015), both in stainless steel, introduce a world in balance between sculpture and approach scientific, visually and poetically combining two different worlds in which the irregular propagation of the modules recalls the behavior of the cells in analogy with the invisible dynamics within the micro and macro natural organisms, in a sort of semantic metaphor, in which the self-generating and self-organization processes they express the innate beauty and the creative energy of the evolutionary complexes.

Loris Cecchini – Vernissage 7th of June 2018 H. 17.00