MARCOBOLOGNA and Marbel (italian high end fashion producer)  are proud to announce the firs kids collection, available for next spring summer 2018.

MARCOBOLOGNA is a brand brought to life by designers Marco Giugliano & Nicolò Bologna (ex- designers at Versace and junior designers at Dolce&Gabbana) in 2011 as women RTW. A success of the brand was evident after winning the 2012 “Who’s on Next”contest.

A collection with a taste of vintage and glamour elements, aimed and determined by the personality of the two designers (the creative and visionary spirit of Marco Giugliano and the refined and balanced vision of Nicolò Bologna).

Shortly after the release of the first collection, the brand has reached the windows of the most ambitious Italian fashion stores and the most significant Department Stores worldwide. And as a result, in 2017 a decision to launch MARCOBOLOGNAGirl collection for fashionistas from 4-16 years old.

Denim takes new volumes and silhouettes; mini- dresses, skirts, jackets and trousers have frayed hems with a lived-in and romantic flavor. Butterfly-shaped gem brooches are the detail that make every look unique.

Cleverly disguised an ultra-glam line. A mix of Pop prints and pastel shades .

MarcoBologna kidsThe glam soul is cleverly combined with details and fabrications in a romantic, but at the same time ironic style.

Any items feature hand-painted brushstroke embellishments on silk voile for blouses, and lovely gingham prints showcased on dresses, blouses and skirts. Mini coloured dots like confetti enrich chiffon plissé dresses and shirts on a black ground.

The gem prints, a tribute to the collection of jewelery with which Marco Bologna became known to the general public, decorate silk shirts and appear on embroidered dresses, denim pieces with a worn finish, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

marco bologna kidsThe brilliant shades and bright colors are the leitmotif of the collection: sorbet pink, air force blue and lime yellow characterize the most romantic section and are in contrast with an explosion of saturated and vibrant colors, original hues that make every piece unique and eye-catching, without ever erring.