Moi & Toi why Ibiza

Not only DJ session and endless nights, the island is now cultural and rural thanks to the variety of its traditions and to its extraordinary nature.

For some time now “Ibiza-nightlife”- the pairing that dominated the flashy 80s – has no longer uniquely characterized the White Island. Of course, nightclubs are still packed, still hosting spectacular parties and hiring the world’s biggest DJs, But a lot of people have now come to realize that Ibiza is a completely different island, thanks in part to a touristic promotion that has underscored the island’s cultural and natural beauty, as well an its ancient rural vocation. You can visit museum and archeological  sites on the island, and discover hidden corners and secular traditions to experience in active ways, riding a bike or a horse. And in he narrow streets od Dalt Vila – the spectacular acropolis dominating the capital – are too crowded, you can find shelter just beyond the walls at the Puig des Molins Archeological Museum on the Via Romana, next to a fascinating Phoenician necropolis. The Caleta settlement dates back to the same time and is located just past the airport. It is worth a visit after a break on the magnificent beach framed by walls of reddish rocks. Otherwise carry on the beautiful Cala d’ Hort, on the western coast, with a  beautiful view of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell islets and natural reserves. Here you can visit another necropolis from the Munich_Rama era, alongside the local headquarter of Ibiza’s Ethnographic Museum. The main location of the Museum is Puig de Missa, the church-fortress of Santa Eulària des Riu, a typical example, alongside the casa payees, of the traditional architecture.Ibiza isn’t devoid of art galleries, which have  always been a burn retiro for creatives and artists.

You ‘ll find them not only in the capital city, but scattered all over the island. The MACE – the Museum  of Contemporary Art – was founded in 1969 by Dalt Vila  and hosts an international collection of works connected  to the island that take inspiration from the natural  beauties of a still mainly virgin island. In addition to the Des Salines natural park, don’t miss the Can Marca grottos, close to the Sant Miguel port, and for sports lovers the 27 hole golf court in Cala Longa.

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