N°21 Headquarter in Milan

Alessandro dell’Acqua and the architect Hannes Peer are launching a new N°21 headquarter in Milan, in via Archimede n. 26, the trendiest and newest neighbourhood in Milan, the Quadrilateralo della Moda where the buzz seems to be. The 1500-sq-m showroom comprises three rooms aesthetically linked by a palette of disparate materials – marble versus polycarbonate, concrete versus glass, all the spaces are separated by their distinctive interior concepts the entrance, the showroom and the private office of Alessandro dell’Acqua. The brief was to create some glamorous office space which combined post modernism and contemporaneity. Alessandro uses materials that represent for him a tribute to his city, Milan, and his architectural history. The idea is to reproduce the feeling of Alessandro’s Tokyo’s store created in 2016. The contrast between antique and traditional Italian architectonic and sculptural elements and the functionality of the very contemporary interior is the base concept for Alessandro’s store.